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The Psychology Group meet at 2.00pm on the third Friday of each month at Dennis Kirby's home, Sherburn.

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Would all active members and subscribers please not that due to Covid-19 safety considerations all future meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

Whether you think of psychology as the, ”science of mental life”, or more simply as, ”trying to figure out what makes people tick”, then we may be doing something that would be of interest you.

We are explorers not therapists who seek to explore the many facets of this fascinating subject. Some of us are sharing knowledge drawn from a previous academic or work interest whilst others are mainly driven by curiosity but all are able to contribute in some way to our enquiries.

Some members will research an area of common interest and offer a presentation of their findings whilst others may prefer to listen and then offer their own knowledge, thoughts and experience.

What matters is that we meet in a convivial atmosphere and whatever our level of previous knowledge can leave feeling that we have learned something of value.

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